The Salt Myth Exposed

Is Salt Dangerous?

Wherever you turn, health experts and the media are telling you to lower your intake of sodium
(salt).  They say salt causes hypertension (high blood pressure), heart attacks, strokes, and deaths. They are pressing for national campaigns to drastically reduce or eliminate salt from the diet entirely.  The 2010 USDA dietary guidelines reduced salt intake recommendations down to 3.5 grams per day, about half of what they previously recommended.

But wait...

Does this really make sense?  Are they right?

...Or is this only part of the story?

Well, the experts aren't exactly wrong, but there is much more you need to understand...

The truth is that salt is essential to life. Without sodium we die - plain and simple.

Why We Need Salt

Sodium is important to fluid balance, the regulation of blood pressure, the proper functioning of the nervous system and brain cells, metabolism and digestion, adrenal function, and cell membrane permeability.  It is required to produce hydrochloric acid in stomach for digestion and reduces aldosterone secretion in our endocrine system.  It helps our body eliminate toxic substances by keeping them in solution.  It is also pivital to our electrical system.

The human body requires electrical energy to sustain life.  The body can only produce electricity in the cells when water, potassium and sodium are all present in the right amounts. When a molecule of water enters a cell and there is a tiny bit of sodium in the extracellular fluid AND there is also potassium in the intracellular water, it generates a tiny amount of electricity. This electricity powers many critical processes in the body.  Without the right balance of all three elements (water, sodium, potassium), there is no electricity to power life.  

Without adequate salt in the diet, we can experience fatigue, weakness, low blood pressure, a slow oxidation rate, low hydrochloric acid level, anorexia, depression, apathy, poor protein digestion, abdominal bloating, allergies, and dizziness.

Obviously, salt is necessary.

So why has salt been so demonized by so many health experts?

Because the salt in the average American's diet is NOT the right kind of salt. It has been radically altered from its natural state.  Table salt is nothing more than an industrial waste... and it wrecks havoc with your health.

What exactly is wrong with conventional salt, the kind you can get off the grocery store shelf?

The refining process it is put through ruins it, as far as health is concerned.

The Truth About Common Table Salt

What most people don't realize is that salt is not refined for the sake of purification, it is refined to extract its elements to sell separately for greater profit.  When salt is refined, 2000 chemicals and 84 elements are extracted from it and sold separately to different industries.  It is re-crystallized at a very high temperature (1200 degrees), which alters the chemical structure of the salt. What's left is sodium and chlorine, which are sold as table salt (sodium chloride).

Table salt (sodium chloride) is an unnatural, isolated substance devoid of the rich, life-sustaining minerals and elements it originally had. One can say that this salt is bio-energetically "dead." It's been robbed of its life-giving nutrients.

To add insult to injury, iodine is added as well as other preservatives such as anti-caking compounds, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, and aluminum hydroxide.  In many countries, fluoride is added.  It can still help the body with generating electrical impulses, but with only two of the original 84 elements and its chemical structure altered, the natural balance is gone.  Table salt lacks the crucial, life supporting nutrients that our bodies require for proper functioning.

Every Time You Eat Table Salt You Cause Dehydration
and More...

And since so much salt is added to processed foods, most people have an overload of sodium chloride in their systems. It takes a lot to for the body to deal with all that sodium chloride - and its very hard for your body to eliminate it.

Dr. Haendel and Dr. Mercola claim that healthy kidneys require 23 times more water (by volume) than salt, to process the salt.  They can only deal with 5 to 7 grams per day.  But many people's intake is more than 10 grams a day. To keep up, the body has to extract water from the cells.

Dealing with the excess of refined table salt causes your body to retain water. That's why, after eating a salty snack, you get thirsty. Your body has to pull nutrients and fluids from the inside of your cells to neutralize the unbalanced salt you've ingested and your cells become dehydrated.

An excess of sodium also causes high blood pressure, water retention, headaches, a fast oxidation rate, and nervousness. It lowers calcium and magnesium levels and causes irritability. Your body often has to pull minerals from bones to process it as well, and store the excess sodium in bones and joints, causing arthritis.

Remember: Your body uses 23 times the water from inside of your cells to neutralize every gram of sodium chloride it can't otherwise delete to neutralize the salt. Continuous extraction of vital cellular fluid causes dehydration, an underlying cause of many illnesses such as rheumatism, arthritis and gout, kidney and gall bladder stones... and well as unsightly cellulite and varicose veins. Most people don't even realize they are chronically dehydrated... until they become seriously ill.

What is the Solution?

Is it sea salt?

Not any more. Long ago, when the oceans were pure - before oil spills and before chemicals and heavy metals (like lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and more) were dumped into the sea on a regular basis - sea salt was a good option. But today, sea salt is no longer pure nor safe. In fact, about 89% of sea salt manufacturers are now refining their salt due to pollution (completely defeating the purpose of sea salt).

Is There a Source of Pure Salt Left On Earth?

Yes. Fortunately, salt still exists in its natural, original crystal form, that provides your body with the same elements from which original life evolved. But it is not found on the surface, or anywhere near the surface. It is only found deep within the earth.

The crystal salt that exists within the Himalayan Mountains is still as pure as the ancient primal oceans and contains all the elements found in our body.  It is the purest, most holistic salt available on earth, left when the sun evaporated the primal oceans millions of years ago.

This salt is from deep in the pristine Himalayan mountains and is called Himalayan Crystal Salt. This salt was crystallized more than 250 million years ago, when volcanic lava covered ancient sea beds, protecting the salt from pollution, and preserving the salt.  It is the most beneficial, purest salt available on our planet, and comes in its natural crystalline form, untouched by modern purification methods or modern pollution.

Healthy human body fluid (70% by weight) contains a balance of minerals and trace elements, including salt. Pure crystal salt regulates your bodily fluids, which is essential for health.  Natural sea salt contains a balance of minerals and trace elements, nearly equivalent to the body's cellular fluid. But today, the sea can be loaded with toxins, therefore not a good source for supplementation.

Himalayan Crystal Salt contains a natural balance of minerals and trace elements, present in colloidal form: small enough to absorb through the cellular membrane, making it ideal for efficient and successful absorption. It is almost impossible to absorb too much. High blood pressure does not result, and low blood pressure is raised.

Himalayan Crystal Salt infuses your body with natural minerals, trace elements and living energy... balancing the fluids in your body, regulating life-supporting processes, supporting proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination - renewing and maintaining health and vitality.

Crystal Salt vs. Ordinary Rock Salt

Crystal salt differs from rock salt, and is far superior. Rock salt is the mineral form of sodium chloride and is typically formed by the evaporation of salty water (sea water) which contains dissolved Na+ and Cl- ions.  It is found much closer to the earth's surface than crystal salt, either on land in dry lake beds, inland marginal seas, and enclosed bays and estuaries.  Some rock salt is obtained from rock deposits buried by marine sediments.

Rock Salt usually contains the same pollutants and impurities as sea salt because it is so close to the earth's surface and was affected by the chemicals and pollutants in the sea water it came from.  It contains only sodium chloride and while it has a crystalline structure (isometric or cubic), it is not the same the crystalline structure of crystal salt.  Without the crystalline structure, the natural elements of the salt are disconnected from it's crystalline form, causing absorption issues and taxing the body.

Crystal salt, on the other hand, developed into actual crystalline structures over millions of years under enormous natural pressure deep in the earth, similar to quartz crystals and diamonds. The higher the amount of pressure, the more perfect the geometric form, or state of order, within the crystalline structure (this perfect crystalline structure can be seen under an electron microscope) and the higher the concentration of life force energy.  

This salt only crystallized in areas where sufficient tectonic pressure was available to form perfect light-colored crystalline structures, that do not exist in common table salt or rock salt.

The more transparent and colorless the crystals are, the higher their purity. The more geometrically perfect the cube shaped crystal is, the higher the information and energetic content it contains. Its structure can be compared to a diamond.

The purest salt crystals are nearly transparent (and can be white or tinged pink) and come from a thin layer of the mine. They look like uncut diamonds. These are the edible crystal salts. While most of the Himalayan Crystal Salt available in health food stores sell the darker stones as premium salt, our darker salt stones are processed into Bath Crystals and are not used for human consumption. In ancient times, Crystal Salt was reserved for Royalty. Common citizens only had access to rock salt.

Because of the intense pressure crystal salt was exposed to, the elements trapped within crystal salt are in small enough particle size to penetrate human cells and be metabolized. The elements in rock salt are too large to be metabolized by the human body. Therefore, crystal salt is the best salt for health.

The Transformational Powers Of True Salt

Salt is very unique among crystalline structures - it's atomic structure is electrical, rather than molecular. This fact makes salt able to transform itself without changing its essence. A quartz crystal will remain a quartz crystal no matter how long it is submerged in water. A salt crystal, however, dissolves in water, creating a mixture called sole (so-lay).

Sole is neither water nor salt. It can be looked at as another form of salt, but it is more than that - it is a pure ocean of energy that has a higher energetic dimension than either the water or the salt alone. It also stores vibrational energy. The energy in the crystalline structure is set free by adding water and letting the crystals dissolve.

Once the solution has reached 26% saturation, all of the inherent minerals and trace elements are available in colloidal, bio-energetic form -- meaning they are so small your cells can easily absorb them.

This guarantees that your body can absorb the right amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium and trace elements, as well as vibrational energy and can replenish your supply of electrolytes.

Renews Health and Vitality

When one teaspoon of sole is mixed with 8 oz of energized water (made with Prill Beads) and taken every morning, the body is supplied with the natural energy stored in the crystals. The vibration pattern of the crystalline structure is so profound, it lasts for over 24 hours in our bodies.

Imagine, you can import a healing vibration pattern into your body every morning simply by drinking a glass of sole water!

Look at all the things Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine Therapy can do:

  • Balance your pH (alkaline/acidity balance)
  • Normalize your blood pressure
  • Increase your circulation and conductivity
  • Dissolve and eliminate sediments and clear calcifications that lead to stones and various forms of arthritis like rheumatism, osteoporosis, gout, and kidney and gall bladder stones
  • Heal skin diseases by cleaning from the inside out
  • Decrease cravings or addictive desires
  • Act as a natural antihistamine to clear congestion (particularly useful in asthma and cystic fibrosis)
  • Regulate the water content throughout your body
  • Balance excess acidity from your cells, particularly your brain cells
  • Balance your blood sugar levels and helping to reduce your aging rate
  • Aid absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract

These are huge jobs, but Himalayan Crystal Salt does even more...

More Vital Functions of Himalayan Crystal Salt:

  • Critical to the communication and information processing nerve cells in the brain - from the moment of conception to death.
  • Balances the sugar levels in the blood; a needed element in diabetics, as well as those that don't want to develop diabetes.
  • Generates hydroelectric energy in the cells of the body.
  • Assists absorption of food particles through the intestinal tract.
  • Helps clear the lungs of mucus plugs and sticky phlegm, particularly in asthma and cystic fibrosis.
  • Helps clear up catarrh and congestion of the sinuses.
  • Is a strong natural antihistamine.
  • Essential for the prevention of muscle cramps.
  • Prevents excess saliva production (i.e., saliva flows out of the mouth during sleep). Needing to constantly mop up excess saliva indicates true salt shortage (not table salt shortage).
  • Vital to making the structure of bones firm. Osteoporosis is a result of salt and water shortage in the body.
  • Vital for sleep regulation. It is a natural hypnotic.
  • Needed element in the treatment of diabetics.
  • Will stop persistent dry coughs if placed on the tongue.
  • Prevents gout and gouty arthritis.
  • Maintains sexuality and libido.
  • Effective in stabilizing irregular heartbeats and, contrary to the misconception that it causes high blood pressure, it is actually essential for the regulation of blood pressure - in conjunction with water (naturally the proportions are critical).
  • Supplies about 84 mineral elements that the body needs, many in trace amounts.
  • Avoids the dangers of aluminum contained in table salt (aluminum silicate). Aluminum is a very toxic element in our nervous system. It is implicated as one of the primary causes of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Prevents Osteoporosis - 27% percent of the body's salt is in the bones. Osteoporosis results when the body needs more salt and takes it from the body. The same happens if you are deficient in water because bones are twenty-two percent water.
  • And it helps beautify as well...

  • Helps get rid of cellulite by eliminating excess water and flabby deposits
  • Helps keep skin smooth, soft and elastic
  • Prevents varicose veins and spider veins on the legs and thighs.
  • Reduces double chin: When the body is short of salt, it means the body really is short of water. The salivary glands sense the salt shortage and produce more saliva to lubricate chewing and swallowing, and also to supply the stomach with the water it needs for breaking down foods. Circulation to the salivary glands increases and the blood vessels become "leaky" in order to supply the glands with water to manufacture saliva. The "leakiness" spills beyond the area of the glands themselves, causing increased bulk under the skin of the chin, the cheeks and into the neck.

How To Unlock The Healing Potential Of Himalayan Crystal Salt

When Himalayan Crystal Salt is dissolved in water (when made into Sole), the elements contained in it are directly available in their ionic form to your cells, without needing to be digested. Your body can absorb and utilize them immediately. It also creates a dynamic substance that has a higher energetic dimension than either the water or the salt alone, and its vibration pattern lasts in your body for over 24 hours.

How to Prepare Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole

Place with several crystal or rock salt pieces into a glass container (a quart jar) which has a lid. Add pure spring or energized water (i.e., Prill water), and fill the container to the top.

Approximately 24 hours later, check to see if the salt pieces have dissolved completely. If so, add a few more crystals. Check again in 24 hours. If there are some undissolved pieces, the Sole is ready for use. If there are no undissolved pieces, add more. The salt stops dissolving when it becomes saturated at 26%, and is ready to use as brine (Sole).

This brine solution is stable, sterile and germ-free. It can be stored for years in a closed glass container without it changing or decomposing. The glass jar can be refilled again and again with purified water and Crystal salt, continuing this process.

How to Use Sole

First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of energized water with 1 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt Brine added. Wait 20 - 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything else. The amount you take is not as important as the regularity. It's better to take it regularly than in large doses. It is very important to drink lots of energized water (preferably Prill water) throughout the day (about 2-3 quarts).

Sole is wonderful:

- Every morning, mixed in a glass of water
- Mixed in salad dressings, or sprinkled on salads
- Added to soups or food while cooking, instead of table salt
- Used as a compress for sore, tired joints
- In a full-body bath (1-8% solution) - gives the cleansing effects of one 30-minute sole bath equal      to that of a three-day fast.
- As a foot bath
- Brushing teeth
- Steam inhalation
- Sinus flush (1% solution)
- Eye wash (1% solution)
- Sole wraps (3% solution

Not all Himalayan Crystal Salt is the same

Don't be fooled by websites that claim their salt is "organic" crystal salt and therefore, better. Like water, salt cannot be certified because it is not an agricultural product. Mined products simply can't get organic certification because they are not a raised crop. A logo certifying organic products on a site refers to the company's other products, not the salt (also, certification is required for each product individually).

Much of the Himalayan Crystal Salt available in stores is dark orange and red, and the size of the rocks is small. Quality Himalayan Crystal Salt should be light pink to translucent and the size of the rocks should be large chunks.

Much ground Himalayan Crystal Salt includes ground rock and impurities that never dissolve. Besides being questionable to health, this can damage teeth when used in cooking. Real Himalayan Crystal Salt always dissolves, because it is salt.

Why risk getting low-quality crystal salt when you can get the highest quality Himalayan Crystal Salt at the best price here.

    A true whole food - its a supplement, not just               industrially refined sodium chloride
    Loaded with natural minerals, trace elements and           living energy in ionic, easily assimilatable form
    Balances your pH and blood sugar, normalizes your         blood pressure, your brain functions, your                     circulatory and digestive systems and keeps your           body running smoothly.
    Promotes balanced electrolytes
    Helps you avoid degenerative diseases
    One package lasts the average family a year or more

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