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Questions and Answers About QLinks

What is QLink?

QLink employs a new technology called Sympathetic Resonance Technology, also called SRT. SRT uses subtle micro-vibrational frequencies to strengthen and balance the body's energy system. Since 1991, Clarus Transphase, a sister company to Clarus Products International, has been developing and validating this technology in collaboration with internationally recognized scientists from Stanford University and The University of California. This collaborative effort has produced pioneering results based on the principles of the newly emerging science of "subtle energies."

How is QLink going to help me?

Your QLink may help you by increasing your physical stamina, by reducing your stress, by increasing your ability to focus, and by reducing the effects of jet lag. The overall effect of QLink can create an increase in performance and personal effectiveness (that is sometimes called being in "The Zone"). Additionally, your QLink will protect you from a wide variety of environmental stressors, including the known and unknown dangers of man-made, electromagnetic fields.

What are electromagnetic fields (EMFs)?

EMFs are environmental stressors that saturate our home and workplace. They are generated when current is flowing through a wire, or when any form of wireless communication is used. Many professional experts consider exposure to electromagnetic fields hazardous and a threatening form of environmental pollution; others don't. QLink supports the body's own ability to cope with these environmental stressors.

Recent research data gives rise to a wide variety of mixed interpretations about the harmful effects of EMFs. More scientific research is required before definitive conclusions can be made. For now, this scientific uncertainty about EMF has left many of us with feelings of anxiety and frustration.

Am I currently in danger from electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure?

If you frequently use or are in close proximity to cell or cordless phones, computers, fluorescent lights, hairdryers, microwave ovens, televisions, x-ray machines, or other electric devices, or if you frequently fly commercial airlines, then you need to be aware of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendations for safe exposure to EMFs. The standard unit used in measuring EMF intensity is the Gauss. Potentially harmful EMFs emitted from many common household sources are measured in Milligauss (mG) units. If you are concerned that you are in danger of any adverse effects from EMF exposure, keep the next statement in mind.

The EPA recommended levels for safe exposure to EMF range from .5 mG to a maximum of 2.5 mG-with 1.0 mG as a preferred standard. Adverse biological effects have been found at 2.5 mG.

Impact of EMF Exposure in Milligauss (mG):
Source: Distance From Source:
Up to 4" proximity
Up to 3' proximity
4 to 20 mG
2 to 5 mG
Hair Dryer
60 to 20,000 mG
0.1 to 6 mG
Microwave Oven
100 to 500 mG
1.0 to 25 mG
5 to 100 mG
0.1 to 6 mG

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Who has endorsed or expressed their positive experience with QLink Products?

William Tiller, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Materials Science and Engineering Department, Guggenheim Fellow and author of Science and Human Transformation

Anthony (Tony) Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within

Stu Mittleman, World champion long distance runner and record holder

Larry Miller, author of Beyond Golf and Holographic Golf

Erik Giese Designer of Roller Blades skates

Robert W. Leaver, Senior PGA professional

Bija Bennett, author of Emotional Yoga

Larry Altshuler, M.D.

William J. Saccoman, M.D,. San Diego Clinic of Preventive Medicine

John Douillard, D.C,. Ayruvedic physician, author of Body, Mind and Sport

Donald Epstein, D.C., author of The 12 Stages of Healing

W. Karl Parker, D.C., F.I.C.C. Parker Chiropractic Resources Foundation

Jeanie Kortz, R.N., former head nurse, Duke University.

Pat Wyman, M.A,. author of What's Good Got To Do With It? - 101 Natural Remedies for Learning Disablilties and Director of The Center for New Discoveries in Learning.

When will I start benefiting from my QLink product?

You will start benefiting from your QLink product the moment you start using it.

What am I supposed to feel when I first start using my QLink product?

The large majority of QLink users report feeling one or more of the following effects: more energy and vitality, enhanced mental clarity and focus, balanced emotions, reduced jet lag, and improved performance.

One third of these users report experiencing benefits within a week; they are largely made up of people who are very sensitive to subtle changes within their body. The other users within this group have indicated that they noticed the benefits more gradually over time - usually within two months.

What will I feel if I stop using my QLink Product(s)?

Some QLink users have indicated that they noticed the loss of certain benefits when they stopped using their QLink Products. After starting again, benefits became more noticeable. However, you never become physically dependent on any QLink Product.

Is it unusual to not feel anything while using QLink Product(s)?

Approximately five to ten percent of all QLink users report no conscious change in feeling while using QLink. Users in this category have tended to keep using QLink based on the many independent studies and unsolicited testimonials that validate QLink's effectiveness.

Whether you actually feel it or not, your QLink is always working for you, because it is constantly emitting subtle micro-vibrational frequencies that support your body in functioning at a peak state. Often, when people become accustomed to the products they use overtime, they take the benefits for granted.

What QLink Products are currently available?

The current QLink product line includes QLink Pendants, Clearwave clocks, and a portable unit called the QLink Ally. (See: Questions Regarding The QLink Product Line)

What guarantees come with my QLink Product(s)?

All QLinks have been scientifically tested, are guaranteed 100% effective, and come with an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee. Clarus Products International (CPI) L.L.C. prides itself in having less than a two percent return rate and high ethical standards.

Where can I buy QLink products?

The QLink product line is manufactured by Clarus Products International (CPI) L.L.C., and can be purchased from a QLink Independent Distributor, by calling the 800 number at the top of this page, or by ordering on-line from this web site.

How can I learn about QLink business opportunities?

If you want to learn about QLink business opportunities, call us at 1-800-246-2765 or click here to send an Email . A Clarus representative will contact you to discuss your interest and explain this exciting and lucrative opportunity.

More Questions About Using Your QLink Pendant

How should I wear or use my QLink Product(s)?

For maximum results, your QLink Pendant should be worn around your neck so that it hangs at the middle of the chest against the sternum. It can be placed inside or outside your clothing, or on an undergarment in the same area, and can face towards or away from you.

The QLink Clearwave clocks and portable Ally should each be located within their respective prescribed range of effectiveness.

Can I take a bath, shower or swim with my QLink Pendant?

Yes. Your QLink Pendant is waterproof!

Does my QLink Pendant ever need to be 'recharged?'

No, because your QLink Pendant is powered by your own body's energy.

Why is wearing a QLink Pendant with magnet therapy products 'a good thing'?

Magnet therapy products claim to, when applied to certain 'inflicted' areas of the body, provide relief from physical pain and discomfort. Your QLink Pendant, on the other hand, boosts your overall energy, which is the most fundamental level of energy available to us.

Do I have to wear my QLink Pendant all the time?

No, but your QLink Pendant will only benefit you while you're 'wearing it.' Our QLink "Clearwave" clocks and the portable QLink Ally are both stand-alone products that operate when plugged in or turned on. They use a standard AC outlet and provide beneficial value up to 50 feet in all directions from the product. Additionally, the Ally can use either a 9-volt alkaline battery that lasts up to 20 hours, or a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours.

More Science and Technology Questions

What are "subtle energies"?

Despite hundreds of research studies, no scientific instrument has yet been invented that can measure subtle energies directly. That is why they are called subtle energies. Their effects on electrical, chemical, and biological processes are scientifically observed and measured, not their direct existence. Because of the nature of subtle energies, it is currently believed that no scientific instrument will be developed in the near future that can directly measure them. Many scientists speculate that subtle energies are closely related to the phenomenon of electromagnetism itself, and there is strong evidence that subtle energies can clarify and stabilize the behavior of electromagnetic forces and fields.

How is my QLink Product reducing negative stress in my body?

Stress is normal and we need some to be alert and productive. However, accumulated negative stress (called "distress") can adversely impact your health. This scientific field of study is referred to as the study of "psychoneuroimmunology." Your QLink Product, supports your own bioenergy, can diminish the impact of negative stress and furthermore, has been reported to cultivate a sense of balance, harmony, and peace within you.

What is "bioenergy"?

For thousands of years, many cultures have demonstrated the existence of energy in the meridians and acupuncture points of the body; this is referred to as bioenergy. These body points support effective functioning of numerous body systems and are adversely affected by a variety of environmental stressors, including, man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Other words commonly used for "bioenergy" in many eastern cultures include: "chi," "prana," and "ki."

What is "The Zone?"

"The Zone" is a modern slang term used to describe an optimal state of being. Those who achieve amazing results or "peak performance" are considered to be "in the zone." Furthermore, "Zone-living" is commonly characterized by internal states of "calm," "focus," "clarity, " and "confidence."

How does my QLink help me get into "The Zone?"

Negative stressors - both environmental and emotional - disrupt your equilibrium and your ability to stay "in the zone"; QLink adapts itself to your personal energy field, strengthens your bioenergy, and restores a state of calm, focus, clarity, and confidence.

How does my QLink Pendant reduce the effects of jet lag?

Your QLink Pendant reduces the effects of jet lag by shielding you from potential EMF exposure in an airplane. EMF radiation output taken in the 'cabin area' of a number of common jetliners indicates EMF ratings of 5 to 85 Milligauss (mG). The pineal gland, which is located in the brain and secretes the hormone melatonin, is responsible for, and regulates the proper functioning of, the "biological clock". It is this gland that has been found to be extremely sensitive to EMF exposure.

Can you give me a little more scientific information on electromagnetic fields (EMFs)?

Electromagnetic fields describe electric and magnetic fields. These fields cannot exist independently and are always generated together. That is why they are called electromagnetic fields. Additionally, these fields are expressed in wavelengths, and move outward from the source at the speed of light -approximately 186,000 miles per second. They range from the very high frequencies of gamma and x-rays to low frequencies generated by common electric devices and power lines.

Specifically, there are two broad categories of electromagnetic radiation frequencies. The lower of these frequency ranges is called the Non-ionizing frequency range. All man-made EMF frequencies are "non-ionizing" frequencies and thus, fall into this range. Man-made EMF frequencies range from 50-60 Hertz (Hz), (generated from electromagnetic power grids), up to 2.5 Giga-Hertz (generated from the newest cellular telephone networks). The higher of these frequency ranges is called the ionizing frequency range. This range includes frequencies generated from infrared and ultraviolet light, gamma, and x-rays.

How does my QLink shield me from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields?

Subtle changes occur in your body when it starts vibrating with frequencies emitted from electromagnetic field producing devices. Your QLink gives your body an alternative set of healthy frequencies with which to resonate. In scientific terms, QLink is said to engage the body in a state of "Sympathetic Resonance." When this happens, harmful EMFs are not absorbed.

In simple terms, you could envision QLink as a set of tuning forks that only resonate with life supporting frequencies.

Why is prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields potentially dangerous?

On a physical basis, scientific study has shown prolonged EMF exposure to cause a number of adverse health effects including weakness and fatigue, increased anxiety, decreased mental function, headache, dizziness and impaired vision. Ongoing research is still ensuing. The long-term adverse health effects of EMFs are still unclear, although a number of recent studies have shown serious health consequences. On a psychological basis we know that emotional imbalances and mental fatigue can result when bioenergy is weakened. Perhaps there are even larger dangers still to be revealed about EMF than those we already know.

How is QLink different from a magnet or magnet therapy product?

Magnet claims to provide different benefits and employs entirely different principles of biophysics.

What does the term "QLink" mean?

The term "QLink" is derived from the concept of a "quantum link." At the deepest level, the quantum level, your bioenergy and the environment's natural energy (from the earth and sun) become more solidly and harmoniously linked by the QLink.

What's inside my QLink Pendant?

There are three key hardware components inside your QLink Pendant:
  • The Resonating Cell
The Resonating Cell is the size of a watch battery, and is made of a unique combination of crystalline elements. In a gentle and subtle mode, it vibrates when placed on or near a person's body.
  • The Tuning Board
The 14 karat gold-plated Tuning Board ensures that The Resonating Cell permanently vibrates in the right frequency range. The Tuning Board keeps your QLink 'in tune' so it never needs adjusting.
  • The Amplifying Coil
The Amplifying Coil is 75 feet of copper wire wound into a one inch diameter "speaker-coil". It amplifies the QLink's micro-vibrational field so it surrounds the entire body.

Where can I get more information about QLink?

You can talk to us about QLink by calling 1-800-246-2765 or continue to explore this web site...

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