Is the Restaurant Ice You Are Drinking Dirtier Than Toilet Water?

drink-strawAh! What can be better than your favorite soda over ice on a hot summer’s day?

Not so fast – there may be more than soda in that glass…

As the summer season unfolds and temperatures rise, many people can’t seem to help but indulge in their favorite soda drinks over ice.

We already know soda and soft drinks are loaded with harmful sugars, genetically modified corn syrup and derivatives, harmful chemicals, flavorings and additives. And lets hope you are not drinking diet soda sweetened with the neurotoxin aspartame, other artificial sweeteners or the highly synthesized sugar, Splenda (sucralose)!

Ice also hardens toxins in the stomach and intestines, making it hard to impossible for your body to eliminate them.

Here’s another reason to not drink soda (at least not with restaurant ice)- the ice has been found to have more bacteria in it that the water in the restaurant’s toilet bowl!

I know what you’re thinking – this is some kind of a joke or play on words.

But this is not a joke.

Ten popular restaurants were tested in Britain with these results:

“Scientific tests have shown that ice from branches of McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Starbucks, Cafe Rouge and Nando’s all had higher levels of bacteria than samples of water taken from their lavatory bowls. Experts say it could be due to them being cleaned more often than the ice machines.”

1370943_glass_of_waterOne restaurant had double the amount of bacteria in their ice as found in their drinking water.

One reader commented: “Having seen the state of the toilets in some of these places, the report does surprise me!”

Not exactly a comforting thought!

The tests required a sample of ice in a sterile bag from each restaurant, as well as a sample of water from the restaurant’s toilet, taken by an accredited environmental health practitioner. The samples were then couriered to a lab for testing.

Experts determined that most of the findings were caused by ‘environmental issues’ such as a dirty ice machine (failure to clean machines, scoops and filters). Ice from one restaurant, Burger King, appeared to be caused by human contamination, most likely from an employee failing to wash their hands.

The scientists conducting the tests warned that E.coli and other pathogens can lurk in ice machines. Thinking that ice is too cold for germs is a mistake.

More comments:


“I work in a pub.. Seeing the state of the ice machine years ago ensured I never have ice anywhere.”

“We all know by now not to drink water or add ice to a drink abroad but I didn’t realise things were just as bad if not worse here. Where are all the health inspectors.”

Some of the restaurants are challenging the findings and “do not accept that they demonstrate any failings” but are you willing to take a chance with that?

Or you might be thinking, “Well these tests were taken in Britain, not the US, so I’m safe.” Don’t forget that most of these franchises originated in the US and have their home offices in the US, or they are world-wide businesses. All of their policies, practices and procedures are standard. What’s going on with Britain’s ice is certainly happening in the US, it has just not been tested by a lab yet.

What to do?

One reader suggests this: “So order your food, ask for a cup and go to the bathroom for your water…mmm..”

A far better solution is to stop drinking soda AND ice and bring your own water, preferably Prill water.

Prill water increases hydration because it is a de-clustered, energizing water that has smaller molecules than ordinary water. And it is perfectly pH balanced at 7.4.

It’s all too easy to get dehydrated in the summer. You can avoid that with Prill water. It measurably hydrates the body better than ordinary or bottled water. It also reduces free radicals in the body… and it costs pennies on the dollar compared to purchasing bottled water.

And that will do a lot more good for you than contaminated ice!

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Wait a minute!

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A friend of mine was recently shocked when she smelled a fruity and distinctly artificial fragrance from her new bar of Ivory soap. I recognized the scent immediately. It’s a common scent found in many personal care products today. I can only describe it as “Cherry Puke.”

A quick look at the package turned up the phrase “just a little scent” and fragrance/parfum in the ingredients list. What happened to Ivory being “pure?”

This particular package of soap was packaged for sale in Canada. I don’t know if they are selling the same formula in the U.S., but I would guess they are – or something similar. Proctor and Gamble probably feels they can’t compete with all the other soaps on the market that are scented.

And the truth is, the olfactory glands of the average American are so plugged they can’t smell anything unless hit over the head with a “fragrance” sledge-hammer.

How many hits of the “fragrance” sledge-hammer will it take to knock them down?

How long will it take people to figure out that many of their illnesses, poor memory, alzheimers symptoms, etc…are caused by toxic artificial fragrances?

How long will it take them to stop buying this destructive puke?

Could be a long time. The more artificial fragrance they smell, the duller their brain gets and the less they can reason or figure things out.

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