Are Air Fresheners Bad for Your Health?

Finally, research is catching up to what I and many other chemically sensitive people have known for a long time – air fresheners are deadly!

Dr. Weil delivers the news in an article that appeared on MSN Health from Prevention: Ask Dr. Weil: Air Fresheners – Are they bad for my health?

Here’s the question: I use air fresheners in my home, but have been told I shouldn’t. Are they bad for my health?

Dr. Weil answers that “recent research strongly suggests that they raise your risk of a number of pulmonary diseases. Last year researchers found that being exposed to chemicals from air fresheners as little as once a week may increase your odds of developing asthma symptoms by 71 percent.”

“And a 2006 study showed that people with high blood levels of the chemical 1,4 dichlorobenzene—commonly found in air fresheners—were more likely to experience a decline in lung function.”

“Other studies point to a cancer link. University of California, Berkeley, researchers determined that, when used in small, poorly ventilated rooms, some air fresheners emit pollutants that create high levels of formaldehyde, a carcinogen shown to cause cancer in animals and respiratory irritation in humans.”

The article also states that last year, the Natural Resources Defense Council evaluated 14 air fresheners. The results show that 12 had varying amounts of phthalates Phthlates are chemicals that may affect fertility, cause cancer, and trigger developmental abnormalities in infants.

Finally, environmental groups and NRDC filed a petition for regulation and testing freshener-related products for consumer safety.

Dr. Weil recommends freshening the air by opening windows and airing out the room. He also suggests growing lavender plants or potted herbs indoors or bringing a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Airing out the house by opening the windows is wonderful, unless the incoming air is full of exhaust fumes or other noxious odors. A lavender plant or bouquet of fresh flowers won’t be able to clean the air if that’s the case. For that, try diffusing top quality essential oils – it will not only leave your home smelling clean and wonderful, but it will cleanse and purify the air and oxygenate it, as well.

The new Ultrasonic Diffuser is an excellent and easy way to diffuse – its a completely new way of diffusing that uses an essential oil atomizer instead of a well. Even the thickest oils won’t clog it!

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Are Air Fresheners Bad for Your Health? — 2 Comments

  1. Air fresheners are becoming commonplace in schools, all kinds of businesses, and public buildings. Surely it’s our exposure to toxic air fresheners in these settings that is most unacceptable. We’re given no choice, after all. Consider how vulnerable anyone
    can be in simply using a public restroom, sitting there, taking care of business, in a space that’s generally rather small and unventilated, when suddenly hit by the mist from one of those damnable metered dispensers hanging on the wall.
    Whether or not you have adverse reactions to these chemicals, exposure to them can’t possibly be good for you. And are certainly not good for your children. If you feel even the least indignation, vent it.

  2. Hi there just stumbled upon your blog from Google after I entered
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    found it simply because your subject material is exactly what I’m looking for (writing a university paper) and I hope you don’t mind if I gather some information from here and I will of course credit you as the
    source. Thank you.

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