Are Pharmaceutical Medications Contaminating Our Planet?

Last year, the Associated Press found that public water supplies in virtually all U.S. cities tested were contaminated with pharmaceutical chemicals. These chemicals mostly came from pharmaceutical drugs in urine and from pills flushed down toilets.

Researchers are now discovering that public water supplies and waterways in India, where many pharmaceutical drugs are made, are being poisoned by the dumping of pharmaceutical chemicals.

Mike Adams, of NaturalNews reports:

Many of the pharmaceuticals consumed in the United States are made in India, where labor is cheap and environmental laws are lenient on powerful corporations. U.S. drug companies are exploiting this situation to manufacture hundreds of millions of doses of high-profit pharmaceuticals in India, where ingredients purchased for a few cents can be re-sold to U.S. health patients for hundreds of dollars (the markup on some drugs is literally over 500,000%).

…Big Pharma’s manufacturing facilities dump millions of doses of toxic pharmaceutical chemicals directly into India’s waterways.

Researchers were recently stunned to discover that 100 pounds of a powerful antibiotic called ciprofloxacin was being dumped into a local stream every day! That’s a quantity of antibiotics that could treat an entire city of 90,000 people every day.

All in all, the Associated Press reports that same waterway contained an astonishing 21 pharmaceutical chemicals – some reaching levels 150 times the highest levels of contamination found in U.S. waterways.

Note, the levels found in U.S. water were ALREADY quite alarming. Plus, it was found that the public water supplies are contaminated with pharmaceutical chemicals in virtually ALL U.S. cities tested.

Besides poisoning the ecosystem and food supply, these toxins eventually either land in the drinking water supply, or poison the drinking water to the degree that it is undrinkable.

As a society and world population, we need to open our eyes to the disturbing realization that the pharmaceutical industry is a global corporate polluter quietly dumping toxic chemicals into the world’s waterways.

And we thought manufacturers were the worst polluters.

How can we allow this? And what can we do about it?

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