Beware: Hidden Levels Of Phosphorus In Processed and Fast Food Harmful To Health

grilled chicken

Does this grilled chicken have additives?

Do you feel funny after eating processed and fast food?  Or even the grilled or roasted chicken you can get in a grocery store that says it doesn’t have the usual culprits like MSG?

I do…

I don’t eat junk food as a rule, and I stay as far away as I possibly can from fast food restaurants and grocery store grilled chicken.  However, on occassion, I do have to eat in restaurants.  Every time I do, I’ve noticed that I don’t feel well afterwards – especially from hotel restaurant dinners, no matter how expensive they might be.  

This is not to say that the food gives me food poisoning (although that has happened – but that’s much more “violent” and obvious).

I just experience a certain malaise with bloating, heaviness, discomfort, mild headache, grogginess, excessive thirst, digestive disturbances and the sorts of things one would associate with an overload of chemicals or additives in the system.

I’ve spoken to several different hotel managements about it, and they adamantly assure me that their food has no additives.

Then I ran across a new study, “Study finds hidden phosphorous in fast food” that reports that researchers have just discovered that, “It has become an increasingly common practice by food manufacturers to include phosphate salts to processed foods.”  These additives can be extremely harmful for people with advanced kidney disease.

These additives are used to enhance flavor and shelf life — particularly in meats (even in meats you would not think need additives like chicken and steak), cheeses, baked goods, and beverages — and it is very hard for consumers to know whether or not these additives are present in products.

High blood levels of phosphorus can lead to heart disease, bone disease, and even death among patients with advanced kidney disease.  I don’t have advanced kidney disease, yet I do suffer from the phosphorus additives. And even without kidney disease, I FEEL THE ILL EFFECTS of the additives. It takes me a long time to get this stuff out of my system after the fact.

I realise that I’m more sensitive than others to food additives, chemicals and the like.  But that doesn’t mean that if you’re not sensitive it’s not affecting you – it is, you just don’t feel it.

So far, no one is saying the practice of adding phosphorus additives to food should stop.  At least the investigators are recommending mandating listing phosphorus content on food labels.  But the best advice is to avoid junk food and fast food restaurants altogether.

Sometimes travel can not be avoided.  The only solution I’ve found for myself is to try to only stay in hotels with refridgerators in the room and bring enough wholesome food to last through my stay – but that can’t always be done.

So I at least try to minimize restaurant meals and balance those meals with organic produce whenever I travel.  Then I flush my system well with lots of pure water and do some sort of cleanse when I get home.

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