Breast Cancer Cured by Fever?

Can a high fever actually burn away cancer?

Surprisingly, research says it happens.

While flipping through some medical literature, Bryan Hubbard from the newsletter, “What Doctors Don’t Tell You,” discovered an astonishing statistic – that 22 per cent of all breast cancer goes away by itself.

This flies against conventional beliefs which claim cancer to be a death sentence if left to its own devices.

Intrigued, Bryan continued looking and discovered that many of the serious cancers that claim hundreds of lives every year actually go away on their own a fair percentage of the time.

What could account for this? Was there a common denominator between the people whose cancer went away?

Turns out there was. It’s one of the most basic healing mechanisms in our body – fever.

At some point during the course of their illness, the cancer patients suffered a serious infection. This raised their body temperature for a prolonged period of time. After the illness had run its course, their body temperature returned to normal. Surprisingly, the cancer was also gone – it had literally been burned away.

Could one of the reasons cancer rates are rising be because people are so quick to take antibiotics when they get the slightest infection and rise in fever? And anti-inflammatories for any discomfort?

In the old days, doctors understood the value of body heat and the role of fever. It was to burn off toxins and restore balance – to return the body to health.

Nowadays, we are told fever is dangerous and we need to take something strong to fight it. But are we really getting healthy in the long term?

A while back I came across a new study that showed fever was not dangerous if there was adequate hydration. The only threat was dehydration. It urged people to be sure to drink plenty of fluids during a fever or to support the fever with IV fluids if liquids can’t be swallowed.

While there are times when strong medications are life-saving, they have been so overused in Western medicine that too many people are denying their body’s natural defenses to disease.

Natural defenses are like muscles – they need to be used to remain useful. We all know we need to exercise to keep our body fit and healthy. Unused muscles atrophy. When fever is constantly suppressed, could our body’s ability to burn off toxins also atrophy?

If so, it may be that when doctors feverishly write prescriptions for antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, the only thing that stays healthy are the pharmaceutical industry’s finances.

Perhaps it’s time to rethink our bodies natural defenses and how they apply to breast cancer.

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