FDA Targetting Herbal Cure Websites Again

A couple of days ago, my eye caught this headline:

“FDA Aggressively Targets Herbal Cure Websites”

They’re at it again. The FDA is again after Internet companies that discuss and sell natural cancer products:

“The FDA has sent letters to 25 companies, threatening them with disciplinary action if they do not stop claiming that their herbal products can prevent or cure cancer.

The agency identified a total of 125 “tablets, teas, tonics, black salves and creams” that made prohibited claims, including “shrinks malignant tumors;” “treats all forms of cancer;” “target[s] cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone;” “avoid painful surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or other conventional treatments;” “80 percent more effective than the world’s number one cancer drug;” “skin cancers disappear;” and “causes cancer cells to commit suicide.”

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As someone who has received exactly this type of letter from the FDA years ago, I know exactly what these sites are going through. The FDA is striving to make it impossible for people to learn about natural cures for anything, even online.

This has inspired me to talk about my latest experience – one having to do with my lymphatic system, and where I am very glad to know at least one natural “ounce of prevention” (in the form of light therapy) that I could do myself while waiting for my doctor’s appointment.

Doesn’t it seem that the FDA wants us all to be brain-dead, helpless dolts waiting for the almightly FDA to tell us what we can and can’t do regarding our health – and never raising a finger to help ourselves? And when it comes to prevention – in the eyes of the medical establishment and the FDA, that can only come in the form of medication.

The amazing thing is, most people fall for this line of pure crapola! They’re more than happy to give away their power, their mind and their good sense.

This has inspired me to talk about my latest experience, with a different view of prevention….

Read the story of my lymphatic system, light therapy, “ounce of prevention” in the next post…

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