It’s Sunburn Season – Sunburn Remedies for Hot Summer Sun

Sunburn Season and Tips

It’s “Sunburn Season” – July and August are vacation months and the time for fun in the sun before returning to school or buckling down on the job. Some people get more sun in these months than the rest of the year.

Naturally, that leaves them susceptible to sunburns. But did you know that many medications increase your chances of getting sunburned?

This article by pharmacist, Suzy Cohen, explains which drugs can cause serious sun photosensitivity.

Many people find themselves in a catch 22 – they don’t want to get sunburned, but they know they are more susceptible. Even so, it’s not a good idea to avoid the sun entirely.

Getting sunlight is very important. We get our Vitamin D through sunlight, not food. Vitamin D is very important to the healthy functioning of out body from healthy bones, heart, mental health, colds and flu and much more. Avoiding the sun and/or using too much sunblock prevents Vitamin D from forming and contributes to deficiencies.

Vitamin D is created on the skin when it exposed to sunlight. This doesn’t happen through glass, only with direct exposure. Dr. Mercola recently wrote how surprized he was to discover that it takes 48 hours for the Vitamin D to be fully absorbed from the skin. He recommended only using soap under the arms and in the groin area. That may not be practical for most people, but it’s nice to know that skipping a shower now and then can contribute to your health!

Sunburn Remedies:

Quick remedies for sunburn include Aloe Vera, LavaDermâ„¢ Cooling Mist, Lavender essential oil and MMS. Everybody’s skin reacts differently to sunburn and sunburn remedies. Here are a few to try – one of them is bound to do the trick for you:

Aloe Vera: If you have an aloe plant in the garden, break off a spear and gently rub the juice over your burn. Some varieties work better than others.

LavaDermâ„¢ Cooling Mist: Specially formulated with lavender essential oil and aloe vera – two of nature’s most soothing, rejuvenating and healing substances. It soothes, protects and brings powerful relief to stressed and burned skin with its blend of gentle, skin- soothing ingredients.

Lavender Essential Oil Put a few drops of lavender essential oil on your sunburned skin for quick relief.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) It’s surprising that this solution works so well on burns, but I get the most relief and the fastest healing from burns when I use MMS. It’s inexpensive and easy to use:

Spread a few drops of MMS over the burned skin, wait 5 minutes and wash off (it’s very important to wash it off after 5 minutes). It will burn or sting a bit at first, but then subside.

Repeat a few hours later or the next day. If the burn is a bad one, apply the MMS again a third time, but this time, leave it on. It will make your skin smell a little odd, but not bad.

Hopefully, you won’t suffer a sunburn this season, but if you do, these tips can help your skin feel better faster and recover better from your sunburn.

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