Ivory Soap Is Not Pure Anymore

After years of touting “It’s so pure it floats,” Ivory soap is dropping it’s slogan… and changing it’s ingredients.

A friend of mine was recently shocked when she smelled a fruity and distinctly artificial fragrance from her new bar of Ivory soap. I recognized the scent immediately. It’s a common scent found in many personal care products today. I can only describe it as “Cherry Puke.”

A quick look at the package turned up the phrase “just a little scent” and fragrance/parfum in the ingredients list. What happened to Ivory being “pure?”

This particular package of soap was packaged for sale in Canada. I don’t know if they are selling the same formula in the U.S., but I would guess they are – or something similar. Proctor and Gamble probably feels they can’t compete with all the other soaps on the market that are scented.

And the truth is, the olfactory glands of the average American are so plugged they can’t smell anything unless hit over the head with a “fragrance” sledge-hammer.

How many hits of the “fragrance” sledge-hammer will it take to knock them down?

How long will it take people to figure out that many of their illnesses, poor memory, alzheimers symptoms, etc…are caused by toxic artificial fragrances?

How long will it take them to stop buying this destructive puke?

Could be a long time. The more artificial fragrance they smell, the duller their brain gets and the less they can reason or figure things out.

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Ivory Soap Is Not Pure Anymore — 1 Comment

  1. This is pitiful, and no doubt that some people just must be caught up in the so-called “pure stuff,” to no avail. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Ivory Soap at all. I also use it to stop leg cramps, charley horses, and foot pains, among other pains. It works miracles, and maybe you should study up on this. It’s for real.

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