Natural Skunk Odor Removal


     Smelled any skunks in your            neighborhood lately?

Lately, I’m smelling more skunk odor everywhere I go (especially in the evenings) it seems, even in tight residential areas where you wouldn’t think there would be any skunks.

Last night, just before I was about to go to bed, the faint odor of skunk wafted past my nose. It didn’t really register for a few minutes, because I thought my windows were all closed. But as the odor increased, I wondered if I had forgotten to shut a window.

Sure enough, the bedroom window was open just a crack. “Could that really be a skunk or am I just imagining it,” I thought. So I opened the window half way to get a better whiff.

And better whiff I certainly got! A horrid stench blasted my face and smelled up the entire room!

And I have to sleep in this! What am I going to do?

Too tired to get the diffuser, I pulled out my little bottle of Thieves spray and gave the room two squirts. Wow, the skunk smell was all gone! Just 2 squirts is all it took to totally clear the air. Thieves Spray is normally used on surfaces such as doorknobs, kitchen and bathroom counters for dust, mold, and undesirable microorganisms. But turns out, it also works exceptionally well spritzed in the air for natural skunk odor removal.

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