Welcome to the Holistic Health Secrets Blog

Welcome to the Holistic Health Secrets Blog

I’ll be discussing many aspects of natural and alternative health. This blog grew out of the need to reach my subscribers and audience better.

I’ve had an alternative health newsletter for years, The Real Essentials Newsletter (you can sign up above). But every year, it seems to get harder and harder to get it delivered. I can post some of the articles on this blog and those people that can’t get the newsletter will be able to read them here.

I hope you join me and return often to see what I’ve posted. Feel free to post a comment and get a discussion going.

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Welcome to the Holistic Health Secrets Blog — 4 Comments

  1. After visiting my primary practitioner, I was told i have excessive yeast in my blood. I can’t find alot on the web as to what type of diet to follow. Alot of websites wish to sell cleanse drinks. I just want to follow something without purchasing their products. Can anyone help me out??? Thanks.

  2. Yeast is normal in the gut flora, where it helps digestion. Sometimes overgrowths appear after someone has taken a round of antibiotics or is immunocompromised and the yeast spreads to the blood.

    It’s great that you understand the importance of diet. It’s always wise to eat a healthy diet that avoids sugar, soda, coffee, candy, alcohol (including wine and beer), fruit juices, refined carbohydrates and especially any type of yeast bread or dough. (So you might want to reconsider pizza and french bread since you already have too much yeast in your system). Whole grains in moderation, plenty of vegetables and fruits and healthy proteins (no processed meats) are always a good practice.

    I have heard some health practitioners recommend staying away from carbohydrates altogether for a while, but that would be completely up to you.

    Its important to get the digestive system, and especially the colon working well again, after all, that’s where the trouble started. One of the ways to do that is with a good colon cleanse. The best one I’ve found is the Youth Flow Colon Support – it’s a little hard to find on the site. Just go to the link above, click on “Products” and then scroll to the bottom of the page where it says, “Ancient Herbal Remedies – Colon Support.”

    There are several good books about yeast overgrowth/Candida on Amazon. It takes time and patience to rebalance the body’s systems, so be good to yourself.

    Holistic Health Secrets

  3. Hi Maura,

    I myself have been living with the ugly and debilatating symptoms of candida yeast overgrowth and related problems such as skin problems, allergies, and lately – the worst – chemical sensitivities. I can pass onto you a few tips I have that may help. These are solutions are a little simpler than going into the candida regimen that can often add stress to our lives – after all, we do live in America…cut out sugar? Wheat? Yeast? A lot easier said than done. But cutting back is my first tip, and seeing how you feel with a few minor changes, such as curbing the appetite for foods we already know are not working for our bodies. Take it one day at a time and don’t stress on a huge change, as necessary as that may be. Next, go to your local food coop or natural food store and buy plain acidophilus in liquid form, from the fridge. Keep it in the fridge and take a swig every morning on an empty stomach. Unless you have an intolerance to dairy, this should work well for you in balancing out the good flora to fight the bad stuff. Well, there are more tips but I think this blog is long enough for now. Baby steps…

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