Children’s Fitness Dropping From Too Much Computer And TV Time

If you’re concerned about fitness for children, it couldn’t come as a surprise that computers and televisions affect children’s fitness levels.  Several studies have pointed to that already.  But this new study from the New South Wales Centre for Overweight and Obesity is a little different.

The difference in this study is that the researchers included ALL screen time as well as general sedentary time.  They included text messaging, reading, homework and even sedentary hobbies in their results.  Most previous studies only included playing computer games and watching TV.

They found that Continue reading

Natural Skunk Odor Removal


     Smelled any skunks in your            neighborhood lately?

Lately, I’m smelling more skunk odor everywhere I go (especially in the evenings) it seems, even in tight residential areas where you wouldn’t think there would be any skunks.

Last night, just before I was about to go to bed, the faint odor of skunk wafted past my nose. It didn’t really register for a few minutes, because I thought my windows were all closed. But as the odor increased, I wondered if I had forgotten to shut a window.

Sure enough, the bedroom window was open just a crack. “Could that really be a skunk or am I just imagining it,” I thought. So I opened the window half way to get a better whiff.

And better whiff I certainly got! A horrid stench blasted my face and smelled up the entire room!

And I have to sleep in this! What am I going to do?

Too tired to get the diffuser, I pulled out my little bottle of Thieves spray and gave the room two squirts. Wow, the skunk smell was all gone! Just 2 squirts is all it took to totally clear the air. Thieves Spray is normally used on surfaces such as doorknobs, kitchen and bathroom counters for dust, mold, and undesirable microorganisms. But turns out, it also works exceptionally well spritzed in the air for natural skunk odor removal.

Color Therapy – Put a Little Color in Your Life!

Need more color in your life? How about color therapy?

I’m not exaggerating when I say that color therapy can light up your life. From hues of blues, greens, purples to reds, color therapy can be just the burst of energy you need to brighten your days… or calm you down.

Color is made of wavelengths – some colors have large, strong wavelengths and small frequencies (such as red) and are stimulating, while others have smaller wavelengths and faster frequencies (such as blue and green) and are calming.

Humans respond to wavelengths. It’s the wavelength or frequency of the color passing through your body that stimulates your cells and creates a resuting effect.

In this video, alternative therapist Pat Nagle discusses color therapy and how you can use it to improve your life.

Just to be clear, Pat Nagle’s discussion is a general one and isn’t at all about the Dinshah color system that I like to use. But her information is an excellent introduction to color therapy.

Childhood Injuries and Lymph Glands

A quick update on my lymphatic issue – I went to my doctor’s appointment last week and as I hoped, she couldn’t find the small, hard lump that was in my armpit a few weeks before. It was already gone. But she did find a larger painful, hardened area behind it and wants to check it again in 6 weeks.

“It could be anything,” she said, “It could even be a sore muscle.” Continue reading

FDA Targetting Herbal Cure Websites Again

A couple of days ago, my eye caught this headline:

“FDA Aggressively Targets Herbal Cure Websites”

They’re at it again. The FDA is again after Internet companies that discuss and sell natural cancer products:

“The FDA has sent letters to 25 companies, threatening them with disciplinary action if they do not stop claiming that their herbal products can prevent or cure cancer.

The agency identified a total of 125 “tablets, teas, tonics, black salves and creams” that made prohibited claims, including “shrinks malignant tumors;” “treats all forms of cancer;” “target[s] cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone;” “avoid painful surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or other conventional treatments;” “80 percent more effective than the world’s number one cancer drug;” “skin cancers disappear;” and “causes cancer cells to commit suicide.”

Read full article

As someone who has received exactly this type of letter from the FDA years ago, I know exactly what these sites are going through. The FDA is striving to make it impossible for people to learn about natural cures for anything, even online.

This has inspired me to talk about my latest experience – one having to do with my lymphatic system, and where I am very glad to know at least one natural “ounce of prevention” (in the form of light therapy) that I could do myself while waiting for my doctor’s appointment.

Doesn’t it seem that the FDA wants us all to be brain-dead, helpless dolts waiting for the almightly FDA to tell us what we can and can’t do regarding our health – and never raising a finger to help ourselves? And when it comes to prevention – in the eyes of the medical establishment and the FDA, that can only come in the form of medication.

The amazing thing is, most people fall for this line of pure crapola! They’re more than happy to give away their power, their mind and their good sense.

This has inspired me to talk about my latest experience, with a different view of prevention….

Read the story of my lymphatic system, light therapy, “ounce of prevention” in the next post…

My Lymphatic System, Light Therapy “Ounce Of Prevention”

Here’s the story of my lymphatic system, light therapy, “ounce of prevention”. . .

After years of recommending that women perform monthly breast self-exams, doctors are now recommending that women only report lumps they notice while showering or dressing.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed something after my shower. While applying natural deodorant under my arms, I noticed a small but hard lump under my skin – harder than anything I’ve ever felt in my body. It was about the size of a BB and nearly as hard. Since my armpit had been sore and itchy for months, and sometimes numb, I was concerned. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor the earliest I could get in. Since it was over the holidays, the office was going to be closed for a couple of weeks.

I wanted to do something for in the meantime, so I decided to try color therapy. I have used Dinshah color therapy, for years and respond very well to it.

Color Therapy has been grossly misaligned and discredited by the FDA. It appears on many lists and websites as a “quack” therapy. Let them say what they want to say, but I know differently. From the Quantum level up, we are all vibrational beings and can’t help being affected by frequencies. Sound, light and matter, not to speak of our etheric bodies, are all made up of frequencies. And light frequencies are some of the highest on the planet.

The interesting thing is, even as the FDA bashes light therapy as bogus, the medical profession has been using it for many years to treat several stubborn conditions. Neo-natal cases of jaundice are treated with “blue-light therapy,” also called “phototherapy.” Light therapy is also often used for acne, seasonal affective disorder, delayed sleep phase syndrome and many other conditions (see Light Therapy – Wikipedia).

Sometimes it takes a while to get used to. My husband was a complete skeptic. At first he didn’t feel a thing, but he now feels the affects – even after sporadic use. He changed his mind about it after seeing how light therapy accelerates healing.

But back to my lump – I started with a lemon tonation (as sessions under the light colors are called). Lemon is a whole-body balancer that prepared my body for the next color. I then moved on to yellow, a lymphatic stimulator, once a day. By the third day, I noticed a profound relaxation in my whole body. The lump was still there, but smaller.

It is now day 5 and the lump is completely gone. My armpits are still a little sore so I will continue the tonations regularly for a while.

I see the doctor in a couple of days and I doubt there will be anything for the doctor to find. The lump was probably nothing serious, but if I hadn’t taken some early prevention steps, it could easily hardened further and become very serious. A plugged up lymphatic system is never good.

This ounce of prevention could very well have saved me a great deal of suffering down the road. Although it takes an hour each day, it’s relaxing and costs me nothing.*

This has been a wake-up call to me to continue working on my lymphatic system until it’s functioning better. I’m glad things came to my attention early enough for me to do some simple prevention. Isn’t it much better to utilize an easy natural lymphatic system stimulant now than harsh treatment or drastic measures later?

The best prevention is living well, eating well, avoiding toxins and thinking and acting positively. But sometimes, we get exposed to toxins without realizing it. In my case, I suspect this lymphatic congestion has to do with my exposure to agricultural chemicals when I worked in commercial tomato fields as a child. I spent most of the time standing on my knees in damp fertilizer and pesticide-soaked mud picking tomatoes. By the third summer, my legs swelled up and huge, grotesque boils appeared on my ankles oozing pus as thick as white glue.

At the young age of 10 or so, I had no understanding of what could have caused it or what to do about it. Over time, I completely forgot about it, until now. Fortunately, now I know at least a few things I can do to help clean out my body.

The moral to my story is: Pay attention to your body and give it an “ounce of prevention” sooner than later.

*Note: To use the Dinshah light system, there are initial expenditures for the book, the light filters and the equipment to put together a light box, but they are relatively small. The book, “Let There Be Light,” by Darius Dinshah is all you need to get started. The book instructions for putting together a light box are skimpy. If you need help, email me via the help desk.

Also note that color therapy isn’t limited to functioning as a lymphatic system stimulant. There are many uses for light therapy.

Are Scented Candles Safe?

scented candlesWhat could be wrong with lighting a scented candle?

It’s relaxing, creates a warm ambiance and smells so nice, it has to be one of life’s more innocent pleasures, doesn’t it?

Not any more…

While the sweet scents and mood enhancing ability of scented candles may be alluring, their by-products are lethal. These days scented candles are filled with artificial fragrances and toxic ingredients that give plenty of reason for concern.

Chemical Fragrance

Most aromatherapy and scented candles contain chemical fragrances. When burned, they are converted into toxins such as acetone (an ingredient in nail polish remover and paint thinner), benezene, toluene, particulate matter and soot. Not only do the soot and chemicals get all over your home, but they get into your nose and lungs where they can do serious harm.

Toxins from Burning

Even burning pure essential oils drastically alters their delicate constituents into potentially harmful substances.

Toxins in Paraffin Wax

Paraffin candles are as dangerous to the lungs as second-hand smoke. The more you candles you burn, the more the harmful effect is multiplied. That’s because when burned, paraffin releases benzene and toluene – known carcinogens. These toxic substances are inhaled into you and your family’s lungs and leave residue on walls, ceilings and fabrics. It’s may be hard to believe the soot from paraffin candles contains many of the same toxins found in diesel fuel, but it’s true.

Lead in Wicks

Candles from China, South America and other developing countries often contain lead in the wicks. These countries lack the resources to monitor the safety of products. Burning a few leaded wicks for only a few hours will increase lead levels 9 to 11 times over acceptable limits. Just burning 4 metal-wick candles for two hours can result in enough airborne lead concentrations to pose a threat to human health. Some homes where leaded wick candles are burned frequently become so toxic, they cannot be sold.

Harmful Additives

Slow-burning candles often contain harmful additives. Gel candles contain petroleum with butylated hydroxyl toluene, not exactly healthy substances. Plus, they have a tendency to explode when overheaded.

“Candles are fast becoming one of the most common unrecognized causes of poor indoor air quality,” says Diane Walsh Astry, Executive Director of the Health House Project, an American Lung Association education project in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Soy candles are less toxic, if you don’t mind burning genetically modified plant matter. Frankly, I don’t want to support the GMO industry in any way, shape or form, nor do I want any GMO residue floating around my air space.


The bottom line is, burning any kind of aromatherapy or scented candle is essentially poisoning yourself and your family.

What can you do? How can you enjoy the fragrances without releasing toxic and sometimes lethal substances into the air?

First, if you must burn a candle, make sure it’s beeswax. Beeswax candles are considerably safer than paraffin and metal-wicked. But they are expensive and not as readily available.

Secondly, try diffusing essential oils instead. Rather than burning essential oils, diffusers work like atomizers, breaking up molecules into a microscopic mist and sending them out into the room. When you diffuse with therapeutic-grade essential oils, you are actually benefiting your body and lungs. Diffusing is a safe, easy and healthy way to infuse your favorite fragrance into your home.

The Ultrasonic Diffuser is a brand-new, state-of-the-art system that can diffuse even the thickest of oils.

Our olefactory sense is an important part of life and should be enjoyed. Harmful and toxic fragrances can be easily avoided. There’s no need to forego infusing your home and life with wonderful scents. Simply diffuse natural fragrances and essential oils instead of burning dangerous scented candles.

Genetically Modified (GM) Sugar Beets Now Growing In The US

white sugar When is simple sugar no longer simple sugar?

When it is genetically modified.

Last spring, for the first time ever, genetically modified (GM) sugar beets were planted commercially in the United States. Monsanto’s Roundup Ready sugar beet is now growing in the fields of the good old USA!

As if the prevalence of refined sugar in the American diet is not bad enough, much of it now is genetically engineered for resistance to Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate (marketed as Roundup).

This is a significant infiltration into our food supply, since half of the granulated sugar in the U.S. comes from sugar beets.

sugar beet field It won’t take long before farmers across the country follow the trend and start planting them instead of traditional sugar beets.

John Schorr, agriculture manager for Amalgamated Sugar, estimates that 95 percent of the sugar beet crop in Idaho will be of the new GM variety in 2008. That’s a total of 150,000 out of 167,000 acres. And that’s not counting all the other states that produce sugar beets.

But look at the bright side – if you thought it was a good idea to stop consuming so much sugar, maybe this will be just the impetus you need to take action.

The consumer group, Citizens for Health, is asking companies to refuse to use the GM sugar. So far three candy companies: American Crystal Sugar, Hershey’s and M&M Mars, all promised that they would not use GM sugar; Citizens for Health is asking consumers to email those companies from the group’s Web site and urge them to keep that promise.

“Unlike traditional breeding, genetic engineering creates new life forms that would never occur in nature, creating new and unpredictable health and environmental risks. Genes from bacteria, viruses, plants, animals – even humans – have already been inserted into common food crops, like corn, soy, and canola, to create “Frankencrops”. Now companies like Monsanto have set their sights on our sugar.”

Are Air Fresheners Bad for Your Health?

Finally, research is catching up to what I and many other chemically sensitive people have known for a long time – air fresheners are deadly!

Dr. Weil delivers the news in an article that appeared on MSN Health from Prevention: Ask Dr. Weil: Air Fresheners – Are they bad for my health?

Here’s the question: I use air fresheners in my home, but have been told I shouldn’t. Are they bad for my health?

Dr. Weil answers that “recent research strongly suggests that they raise your risk of a number of pulmonary diseases. Last year researchers found that being exposed to chemicals from air fresheners as little as once a week may increase your odds of developing asthma symptoms by 71 percent.”

“And a 2006 study showed that people with high blood levels of the chemical 1,4 dichlorobenzene—commonly found in air fresheners—were more likely to experience a decline in lung function.”

“Other studies point to a cancer link. University of California, Berkeley, researchers determined that, when used in small, poorly ventilated rooms, some air fresheners emit pollutants that create high levels of formaldehyde, a carcinogen shown to cause cancer in animals and respiratory irritation in humans.”

The article also states that last year, the Natural Resources Defense Council evaluated 14 air fresheners. The results show that 12 had varying amounts of phthalates Phthlates are chemicals that may affect fertility, cause cancer, and trigger developmental abnormalities in infants.

Finally, environmental groups and NRDC filed a petition for regulation and testing freshener-related products for consumer safety.

Dr. Weil recommends freshening the air by opening windows and airing out the room. He also suggests growing lavender plants or potted herbs indoors or bringing a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Airing out the house by opening the windows is wonderful, unless the incoming air is full of exhaust fumes or other noxious odors. A lavender plant or bouquet of fresh flowers won’t be able to clean the air if that’s the case. For that, try diffusing top quality essential oils – it will not only leave your home smelling clean and wonderful, but it will cleanse and purify the air and oxygenate it, as well.

The new Ultrasonic Diffuser is an excellent and easy way to diffuse – its a completely new way of diffusing that uses an essential oil atomizer instead of a well. Even the thickest oils won’t clog it!