What is Health Prevention?

Normally, I mute commercials when I watch TV (which is not often). Last week, however, I forgot to set the mute, and I heard a commercial for a prescription drug that went something like this:

“Take XXX drug to prevent XXX (disease condition)…”

“Prevention is taking a prescription drug on a regular basis to reduce your chances of getting a disease.”

Wait a minute!

Since when did “prevention” mean taking a drug on a regular basis? Whatever happened to the trusted advice of “get plenty of rest, exercise regularly, watch your diet, and be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables?”

This commercial, which sounds “educational” is being broadcast to millions of people over the air — teaching them that wise lifestyle choices don’t matter – that prevention has nothing to do with their dietary, fitness, or attitudinal choices – that the only real method of prevention is taking a prescription drug!

Repeated enough times, most people will accept this belief. They will never question its logic, wisdom or the reason behind it. They will become “conditioned” and totally accept this way of thinking as fact. And they will never see through it enough to know it for what it is – a marketing campaign designed to increase sales of prescription drugs for the life of the customer… as well as to increase dependency on drugs for common sense things people used to do for themselves.


Did you know that there are strong links between news agencies and drug manufacturers? Dr. Mercola recently discussed the connection between GlaxoSmithKline and Reuters:

“… a Texas attorney provided me with some documentation that shows a strong link between Glaxo and Reuters. As shown on the GlaxoSmithKline Web site, Sir Christopher Hogg is Glaxo’s non- executive chairman. Sir Christopher Hogg was born in 1936 and has an MBA from Harvard. Interestingly, Sir Christopher is also the non-executive chairman at Reuters.”

“It does not take much intelligence to understand that Reuters, the world’s primary source of news information, is heavily prejudiced in favor of the drug company.”


Take the Avian Flu scare, for instance. Remember how we were conditioned to expect it, even though there was no real outbreak anywhere. Every so often, it crops up in the news again as soming “coming our way soon.”  And we’re being told that the only prevention is the vaccine – a vaccine that is not only worthless but extremely risky! It’s known that a certain percentage of the people receiving the vaccine will come down with the Avian flu from the vaccine itself.

The news is worse for nasal vaccines – a nasally administered vaccine for the Avian flu causes sneezing and has a 21 day shedding (highly contagious) period for children (even longer for adults), when it exposes everyone in contact to the germs.  The vaccine is currently “under development.”

The only thing the Avian Flu vaccine can do right now is START an Avian flu epidemic. And that may happen.

But that doesn’t mean you are powerless. There are many ways to prevent catching the Bird flu or any flu naturally. First of all, take daily doses of anti-oxidants, especially those in the form of dark berries – wolfberries, chokeberries, elderberries. But be careful you’re not getting berry juice loaded with high fructose corn syrup or any corn product. That’s not a berry juice – it’s sweetened and flavored water. On the other hand, NingXia Red Juice is an excellent, top-quality antioxidant juice.

Have plenty of Vitamin C on hand. For information on how Vitamin C cures Bird Flu, see the website of Robert F. Cathcart, M.D.: http://orthomed.com/bird.htm

This online article: Avian Influenza: Are You Prepared also discusses preparing for Bird Flu and may also be of interest.

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