How To Get Fresh Purified Water
Anytime You Want...
In Only
An Hour...
For Less Than
a Penny a Gallon!

Wonderfully hydrating, glacial-tasting water that is far                 superior to tap water

Cleanses water of germs, bacteria, fungi and neutralizes            chlorine and fluoride

Small molecule size enhances nutrient absorption as well as      the elimination of toxins

Perfect pH alkalizes your body

Increases hydration and detoxification of your body

Rejuvenates cells

Unbelievably economical!

Never buy bottled water again!

Dear Pure Water Lover,

Think that a water purification system that gives you crystal-clear, glacial-tasting water for practically nothing is too good to be true?

Well, it isn't.

Having pure, virtual spring water in your home or office has never been easier (or cheaper)!

If you are looking for purified drinking water powerful enough to promote better health, vitality and longevity, here's important news...

Prill Beads create superbly energizing and vital water that has smaller molecules than ordinary water (that resemble dew) and is perfectly pH balanced at 7.4. This water measurably hydrates the body better than ordinary or bottled water and reduces free radicals in the body... and costs nearly nothing compared to purchasing bottled water.

Thousands love the taste and super hydrating effects of Prill water. Because water molecules put through the prill process are smaller than ordinary water, your cells accept it better. This allows your body to remove toxins more easily and function better.

Technically speaking, Prill Beads were not designed to be a water purification device, such as a water filter or a reverse osmosis system. The process that happens when water soaks in Prill beads is one that lowers the surface tension, raises the pH, and improves the ORP of the water... and these processes have many health benefits.

Where Do Prill Beads Come From?

Trans Derma Prill Beads are made from magnesium oxide which is produced from naturally occurring salts of magnesium found in rich brine deposits located approximately 2,500 feet below ground.

The resulting magnesium oxide is ‘prilled’ into small, hard pellets by a high temperature firing process which turns them into small ceramic-like pellets. Then a unique, energy-charging process is then applied to the beads which infuses them with life-force and gives them their unique energizing properties.

Why Is Prill Water Better Than Ordinary Purified Water?

Although technically just water, the new prill water is far more vital and has smaller molecules than ordinary water. It resembles dew and is beautifully pH balanced at 7.4.

Because this water measurably hydrates the body better than ordinary water and reduces free radicals in the body, it restores youthful function to all cells and slows the aging process.

Because it's embued with life-force, some people report seeing light energy emitting from the beads or see the water as a healing blue color.

Why Is Lower Surface Tension Important?

Lower surface tension increases hydration. Living cells that are properly hydrated have excellent dynamics, while cells that are under-inflated (dehydrated) or perhaps even worse, over-inflated (edema), are extremely vulnerable, both to absorption of toxic energies and to attack from predators. Proper liquid stasis directly relates to cellular longevity and cellular longevity relates directly to longevity itself.

Prill beads lower the surface tension of water, making it much more absorbable. Ordinary tap water has a surface tension of approximately 72-80 dynes/cm (it would take a force of 72 dynes to break a surface film of water 1 cm long). The body has to actually lower the surface tension to approximately 45 dynes/cm in order for nutrients to pass through cell walls.

So very little of the water we drink actually gets into our cells. Most people need to drink almost 10 times more tap water than actually gets absorbed because of the "thickness" of tap and even purified water. Only a small amount of the water we normally drink becomes thin enough to absorb.

In contrast to tap water, water from fresh mountain streams has a surface tension below 65 dynes/cm. This is a big improvement over tap water, however, water made from Prill Beads has a surface tension well below this level.

Prill water is a “wetter” water with the characteristics of dew. Dew is about half the thickness of common water and has a surface tension of approximately 45 dynes. Skin tissue absorbs dew but repels common water. We're not just talking about the skin tissue on your face. It can also be the moist internal tissue of your digestive tract.

With water that has a lower surface tension (the ideal Dynes level of 45-48), nutrients can enter your cells more efficiently while waste and toxins can be eliminated more efficiently. And your cells will be healthier and last longer - improving your health, wellness and longevity.

How Water Quality Relates To Aging And Longevity

Over the years, many studies in many countries have looked at water and how it relates to a variety of chronic and aging-related problems. The results have been fascinating.

After analyzing data from these studies, it became apparent that the quality, content and structure of the water in our bodies determines how we age and whether our bodies remain healthy and balanced during aging.

Studies with de-clustered water that has lower surface tension report less memory loss (or delays in memory loss), increased kidney function, increased bioenergy, and the restoration of intestinal flora to a healthy state.

Why Is the Quality of Water We Put In Our Body
Essential to Health and Longevity?

The mystery of understanding disease and aging begins with knowing exactly what our body needs throughout its lifetime to maintain health and vitality. Premature, unnatural aging can result from loss of water volume and the body being continuously exposed to contaminated water.

Another major factor is the body's inability to adequately assimilate essential minerals and nutrients.

One of the biggest problems in maintaining health during aging is a result of years of medications that have accumulated in the tissues. Even when a disease is treated successfully with drugs, the cells still retain the germs in a latent state along with the toxins of the medications that had been used to destroy them. As the body ages and the immune system declines, this makes it possible for disease to re-emerge.

Water, which makes up over 70% of our body composition, is the most influential and vital component that provides the body with the ability to maintain health and prevent its deterioration. This can only happen if the quality, content, and structure of the water meets the body's requirements.

For water to be most effective in our body, it is necessary for it to be able to penetrate the cell walls easily. In addition, it should have an alkaline pH, which is necessary to assure that the body fluids do not become and remain acidic, resulting in illness and more rapid aging.

However, because of contamination in our environment such as toxic wastes and chemical additives, most foods have been depleted of critical minerals necessary for metabolism and water has become acidic and has a high surface tension. People become undernourished and dehydrated. As a result, the body's chemistry becomes unbalanced, and destructive substances known as free radicals form. These free radicals destroy cells and cause the body in general to deteriorate.

Because Prill water has the perfect pH and a lower surface tension, it can pass through cell walls easier and does a better job of eliminating waste than ordinary water. While Prill beads add no minerals to water, the water can do a superior job of hydrating and cleansing.

Prill water helps transform stagnant, polluted or dirty water back into clean, clear structured water. There are many stories of people who regularly add Prill water to polluted lakes and streams bring back the health and natural habitat of the lake.

When placed into prill beads, ordinary water undergoes a transformation - it gets "thinner" and cleaner. Toxic chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride are dissipated and only pure pristine water remains that tastes wonderful and has superior hydrating abilities.

Prill water is nearly antiseptic. Lower life forms, such as bacteria and fungi, cannot survive in Prill water (although algae will grow in it if left long enough).

The water is de-clustered into single molecules that your body can take up faster and more efficiently than ordinary water.

Uses for Prill Purified Water:

  • Drinking water
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Bath soaks
  • Beauty facial
  • In humidifier
Prill Water:
  • Repels black mold
  • Cleans up contamination - use anywhere to clean. Great to clean counters, sink, hands, mouth, toothbrush, dishrag. Pour cleaning water into sewer system to help purify that as well!
  • Gets rid of odors and creosote from wood burning stoves.
  • Improves the taste of foods - use it when making frozen orange juice, tea, drinks, and any other food
  • Balances the liver meridian and aids the detoxification process
  • Decreases post exercise recovery time - great to use during and after exercising and strenuous activities
Prill water has so many uses. Look at what else you can do with it:
  • Excellent to use in a humidifier for those with lung or sinus problems
  • Wonderful to splash on face or use daily as hydrating moisture facial
  • Great to spray-wash fruits, veggies
  • Water plants with it
  • Offer it to your pets
  • Spray into air to freshen and purify room
  • Soak fruits and vegetables before eating or juicing
  • Eliminates chlorine and other chemical smells in swimming pools (the average pool requires about 15 bags of Prill Beads, but they will last for 10 years or more, and because you can use up to 90% less chemicals, you can make up the cost in just over 1 year)

Easy to Use

Creating Prill water is easy. Simply follow these simple steps:
  1. Begin with a glass gallon jug or a glazed ceramic gallon jug.
  2. Rinse your bag of Prill beads to remove any dust from manufacturing.
  3. Place your bag of beads in the bottom of the jug (no need to remove the beads from the bag).
  4. Fill your glass or ceramic jug with water. Leave the lid off if chlorine or fluoride is present in your water (if using tap water).
  5. Let stand for 24 hours (first time only). Drink and enjoy.
  6. After the first time, it only takes one hour to have fresh Prill water

Don't Go Another Day Without Prill Water!

Prill beads are relatively new to the market, and already over 250,000 satisfied customers love the taste of the water the beads produce and think it helps them feel better and more energized.

And the amazing thing is that Trans Derma prill beads last a lifetime, they'll never wear out or dissolve... and they'll give you gallon after gallon of the most delicious, pure, glacial-tasting water you can get for a tiny fraction of a penny. Did I mention that if you order from us, we won't charge you any shipping costs (for all U.S. orders). All orders are shipped USPS Priority mail. Sorry, we cannot ship to Canada or overseas at this time.

The low price of $24.97 for all the water one bag of Prill beads make in a lifetime amounts to one of the most affordable and smart investments in your health and well-being available anywhere!

You simply can't go wrong by ordering Prill Beads today. Only $24.97, tax and postage-paid. Click the button below to get your Prill beads now, before we start charging for shipping.

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