EMF Protection with Cell Solution Cell Phone EMF Protection Chip (IS-CP001)
Multipurpose EMF radiation protection chip for cellphones, computers, laptops, TV's, Video Game Controllers, Gameboys, etc. Strong enough for all “smart phones” - thin enough to fit on the inside of the phone were the battery is located.     For more details...Click Here
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Cell Sollution


EMF Protection with RF3 Anti-Radiation Headset
Conventional Headsets use wire to deliver sound to the earpiece and may also deliver electromagnetic radiation directly to your head.

The RF3 Aircom™ Technology delivers crystal clear sound through an air-filled wireless tube, which reduces the possibility of radiation reaching your head.     For more details...Click Here
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RF3 Anti-Radiation Headset

EMF Protection with CellSensor
Simple to use, the meter shows the hot spots with needle, light and sound! 10 to 20% of all homes are covered in "hot spots" of electromagnetic fields over 2 milligauss. With the CellSensor, one can walk the house and in 5 minutes find these hot spots that measure over 2 and avoid placing beds and furniture there.     For more details...Click Here
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Cell Sensor


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