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Flush Your Toxic Colon
For Better Health

Sufferers of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, indigestion and any auto-immune disorder desperately need detoxification. In fact, anyone suffering from constipation or irregularity needs colon detoxification.

There's no better place to begin detoxification than the colon. Compare your body's elimination system to a car's "elimination system" - the exhaust. We all know that if your car's exhaust system is plugged, your car won't run. Neither will you if your exhaust system is plugged.

The colon performs many critical tasks for the body. Besides processing and absorbing nutrients, the colon is responsible for 50-90 percent of your immune-system's functioning. If your bowels are not functioning well, the rest of your body suffers.

The most common colon problem is constipation. This can be a big source of toxicity to the body. In her book, "No More Heartburn," Dr. Sherry Rogers explains,

"...The longer food sits rotting in the constipated colon, the more it will release bowel-paralyzing toxins...you must get the food within you moving again...Your general strength can also suffer as the build up of toxins enters the system, triggering achiness, fatigue, and mood swings."

Healthy peristalsis and the muscular movements of the bowel should normally drive feces toware the rectum. However, many people's colon's are impacted with old, hardened fecal material coating the walls or the gut or creating impacted "pockets" within the intestines. This can severely hinder normal movements.

Is there a way to improve the situation without laxatives?

Of course there is. The remedy is to clean out the colon and intestines to restore the natural functions, just like you clean out a carborator every so often, to get your car running smoothly again.

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