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How To Clean Out Your Colon

The easiest way to clean out your colon is by doing a colon flush.

Here are a couple of easy ways:

  1. The Vitamin C Flush
  2. The Magnesium Flush

Vitamin C taken in high doses is a great colon detoxifier. It also provides antioxidant protection for your immune system.

Dr. Joseph Mercola explains it this way...

"Think of vitamin C as the gas in the dump truck carrying toxins to the waste dump. Without the gas the truck is not going to remove wastes or move at all. Without vitamin C our body is not going to 'dump' its toxic load. Therefore, ensure adequate vitamin C and always take vitamin C with bioflavonoid for optimal benefit."

Dr. Mercola suggests taking vitamin C in very high doses "until the bowel tolerance level, or BTL, is achieved." You'll know when you've reached your "bowel tolerance level" when you get diarrhea. At this point, cut the amount of Vitamin C down until you have two bowel movements a day (a healthy colon generally produces two movements a day.)

Or you can try "No More Heartburn" author, Dr. Sherry Rogers' system for finding your bowel tolerance level: take one heaping teaspoon of vitamin C powder in a large 8-oz. glass of water. Repeat every hour until you get diarrhea.

Be sure to avoid Vitamin C power mixed with corn or corn products (corn is known to be highly processed, often genetically modified, and highly allergenic). Sources made with cassava root are ill-advised if you have low thyroid. The best source is a whole-foods vitamin C powder prepared from fruit. You could also try chewable whole Vit C tablets

Magnesium can be used to flush the colon. Most people are low in magnesium to begin with, especially those eating processed or fast-food. The addition of magnesium to the diet usually boosts well-being. Dr. rogers claims that with a magnesium cleanse, "you will sleep better, feel less edgy and depressed, and experience less back spasms (and) headaches."

How to flush the colon with magnesium: Take one teaspoon of liquid 18 percent magnesium two or three times a day in a large glass of water. This should induce diarrhea in the same way as vitamin C.

These two methods can be a great start to cleaning out your colon, and your body. From here, you can go on to a longer-term detoxification program, or go on a maintenance program, where you repeat the colon flush periodically.

For a deeper, more intensive colon cleansing, the Lemon Master Cleanse is excellent. Get a free copy here....

For an excellent maintenance program, nothing beats "The Cleansing Trio"...

Whichever you choose, be sure to eat a diet rich in natural fiber from whole foods, fruits and vegetables. Fiber holds the feces together, keeps the bowels moving properly and prevents colon cancer. Also drink plenty of pure water, and keep your body in an alkaline state.

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