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Get In The Zone

Why Wear a QLink Pendant?

The Zone Is Not Just For Athletes

As every good athlete knows, excellence is directly related to an intuitive, natural way of being described as "being in the zone".

One cannot play a good game of tennis while making rational decisions on how to proceed. A shortstop does not make a leaping catch, twirl 180 degrees while still in the air, and fire the ball to second base for the double play by pursuing an analytical process and mentally deciding how to proceed. The home run hitter does not connect with a 95-mph pitch by consciously analyzing the trajectory and velocity of the ball and calculating where to place the bat. They are in the zone, pure and simple. And the results of being there are the stuff sports legends are made of.

A process of reasoning does in fact occur in each of these instances, but it is a superior state of awareness that has speed and accuracy surpassing even the most advanced computers. When athletes relax into this superior form of perception and response, they excel.

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Why You Need To Be In The Zone - And How It Benefits You

As modern life increases in complexity, and the demands of the world increase in volume and speed, athletes and martial artists aren't the only ones who require this superior state of mind. The fast forward fact of modern life demands it of everyone.

To stay on top of your life, to perform at your best, to make clearer choices, and to be who you want to be, you must tap and use this instinctive, intuitive reasoning that processes information faster and better than your mental thoughts working alone.

There are times when it is appropriate for your decision-making to be slowed to a mental level, but this is rapidly becoming ineffective and inefficient. Continuous use of mental choice-making in a fast-paced world often leads to poor decision-making. It is taxing. It is stressful. And the more your stress levels build, the more vulnerable and less capable you become.

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The Consequences of Living in Fast Forward

As you know, stress itself isn't dangerous; the problem is how you manage it. Your body responds to stress by releasing powerful chemicals that stimulate the physical strength and mental clarity you need for immediate action -- the "fight or flight" response. When this reaction is triggered to deal with an issolated crisis, especially one involving physical danger, it's a very effective way to keep you safe and healthy.

But if you continually take on the demands of daily life as if they are crises, your adrenal system becomes taxed and builds up toxic levels of powerful "flight or fight" chemicals. This keeps you hyper-stimulated and in a more mental-processing mode. You become "adrenal exhausted." You become more inefficient. And when this becomes a chronic condition, your physical stamina and emotional coping mechanisms disappear.

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Some Unsettling Facts of Modern Life

Medical science tells us that chronic stress disrupts your immune system, increasing your vulnerability to illness and disease. It's a causative or contributing factor to a wide range of physical and emotional problems. These include aches and pains, hypertension, heart disease, migraines, peptic ulcers, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and chronic fatigue. Stress is also a contributor to premature aging.

These are not the only effects of stress. Increased tension, fragility, instability, and fear can damage the general health and well-being of organizations and society. Because stress can block effective concentration, it contributes to accidents. Eighty percent of accidents are caused by human error, and the more stressed a person is, the more prone they are to mistakes.

One half of all deaths in the US between the ages of 1 and 65 are stress-related. Stress gets in the way of your work performance, the quality of your relationships, and your overall experience of life.

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Stress Is Increasing

As the pace of change continues to increase, the demands on your life will also increase. You will have to make more decisions, and faster. You will have to learn new skills. You will have to adapt to new situations and cope with new threats. As a result, you will find yourself becoming more tired, making more mistakes, becoming more anxious, more depressed, and having more accidents.

If you want to thrive in our ever-accelerating world, you must learn to cope with the increasing pressures of change without accumulating more tension and all its unwanted effects. If you don't learn to cope with rapid change and stress, it is probable you will find yourself in a downward spiral, desperately trying to manage an increasingly complex life.

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What Is Relaxation?

Most people have a partial sense of what it means to relax. One meaning is the relief of tension and accumulated stress. This self-induced state of calm allows your body to discharge the toxic byproducts of chronic over-stimulation.

But more importantly, relaxing means "relaxing into" your superior state of mind, just as the best athletes do. It means accessing a more "whole" you, so you can deal more effectively with life's pressures and fast-paced situations as they occur, in real time.

When you exercise, you integrate your slower mental processes into a more encompassing state of awareness. When you build effective forms of leisure like walking in nature into your life, you slow down your over-driven mental system. When you do yoga or meditate, you quiet your mental mind in order to access your superior states of consciousness.

When you routinely do these things, you experience yourself as being more balanced, more centered, more whole, more focused and more positively energized. You might even experience yourself as being more clear about why you're doing what you're doing with your life.

What the doctors recommend is good advice, though often not practical. Life has become so hectic, that many people complain it takes too much time and discipline to walk, do yoga or meditate. And, unfortunately, the beneficial effects of these practices can rapidly dissipate during the pressures of modern living.

You can't do yoga during the sales presentation in Atlanta. You can't meditate in traffic. And most of us don't have jobs that allow us to work while walking along the shoreline. But one thing all of us can do is wear the QLink.

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How Would It Feel To Love The Life You Live?

We developed the QLink as a practical way to link you to your deep, natural sources of energy. In this state, you have more consistent access to your restful, yet highly alert state of mind. This helps makes modern life easier to cope with and less of a strain.

The QLink keeps you "in tune", allowing you to function at higher levels, both mentally and physically. It helps you sustain the balanced state that encourages swift and effective creative responses to the complexities of modern life. It helps you maintain superior performance. It helps keep your stress levels lower, so stress doesn't get in the way of what you want and value in life.

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The World's Going Wireless. Everything's Going Digital.

Even Your Nervous System. And That's Not A Good Thing.

You know why the airline captain tells you to turn off your electronic devices during take off and landing? The EMF (electromagnetic fields) generated by your cell phone and laptop wreak havoc on the plane's navigational system. And they wreak havoc on yours as well.

Some scientists estimate that you are now daily exposed to 200 million times the EMF radiation of your grandparents. Research shows that these fields have a significant disruptive effect on the natural energy levels of your body. Your body's energy, as well as your cellular communication system, are altered by the relative high frequencies of EMF. Man-made radiations magnify the body's "fight or flight" responses, compounding your adrenal loads from other stressors and significantly reducing your ability to effectively cope.

The QLink has been proven to provide the most effective form of protection against the EMF radiation that emanates from airplanes, cars, computers, cell phones, and household appliances. Wearing the QLink enhances your body's natural immunities to all sources of electromagnetic interference. It keeps your neural navigation system clear.

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Stay In Sync. In Touch. In Balance.

Think of the QLink as your personal life enhancement tool for the modern world. Or your personal life empowerment tool. Simply by wearing it, the QLink helps keep you clear, focused and balanced through the demands of your daily life. With no effort on your part, you can be more "in the zone". It works all the time, consistently and effectively. And it comes with a money-back guarantee.

And, if you exercise, do yoga or meditate, the QLink will deliver their "relaxing into" benefits throughout the course of your day.

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How Does The QLink Work?

The QLink is a consumer product which emerged from a technology we've been developing at Clarus for eight years - with some considerable investments of time and money - called Sympathetic Resonance Technology, or SRT.

The uncomplicated explanation is this: When encoded into the QLink, SRT makes it work like a "tuning fork.". The ultra-fine waveforms of the QLink mimic the harmonic energy range of a person who is balanced, in a state of well-being and "in the zone". The whole person will tend to calibrate to these energetics, and will tend to "relax into" this superior state of mind.

You'll hear the words "harmonic, resonance, balance, oscillations, and "in the zone" more and more frequently in the mainstream psychological and medical advice of the future. They are not the exclusive jargon of fringe culture. The best health care is self-care, and much of that self-care is about how fully and joyfully you cope with all the things coming at you. Just ask Michael Jordan. There's nothing fringe about playing with your whole being "in the zone."

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You May Want To Know, How Does A Pendant Do This?

We designed the QLink with four main components. Three of these are hardware, and the fourth is a new type of field generating technology which activates the hardware.

Each QLink has a resonating cell, a micro-circuit board and a coil. The resonating cell resonates at a precise set of ultra-fine waveforms, like a quartz crystal in a watch. You can think of the resonating cell as a new energy cell which micro-pulses an ultra-refined signal pattern. The micro-circuit acts like a tuning board, which protects the resonating cell from disruptive energy interferences. And the coil shapes the resonating field so the entire body can sense and tune to the ultrafine frequencies.

These three components are then exposed to a master field of super clear subtle energy. The energies from this master field "strike" the resonating cell and become absorbed and stored by it. The QLink is thereby activated as a permanent resonator, one which resonates sympathetically to the natural energy balance of a human being.

The original doctors and customers who asked us to design the QLink strongly suggested it shouldn't require a battery, because a battery is just one more thing to worry about. So we complied. It was difficult, but we succeeded in engineering the QLink pendant to be powered by the bioenergies of the person wearing it.

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Would You Have Thought Edison Was A Quack If You Lived in 1890?

Unfortunately, we seem to be in the same position that Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell were in a century ago, when they invented products based on electricity years before the electron was discovered and years before a proper theory developed.

Perhaps in ten years, perhaps a century, we will know precisely at the quantum level why our technology does what it does. Perhaps we're poking around in a new field of physics that will take decades of professional research before the definitive theory is fully shaped.

Over the years, we've teamed with top scientists at the University of California and Stanford University in the US and at a major physics research facility in the UK to prove the many applications of SRT and advance theories about why it works. As of this writing, SRT appears to increase quantum charge potentials, quantum coherence, and energy efficiencies in a wide variety of systems - ranging from lasers to chemical reactions to batteries to people.

By the way, the name "QLink" came from the suggestion that it helps you link to your whole being, all the way down to the quantum levels within you. So "QLink" means "Quantum Link".

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Need More Information?

Our web site will soon have an in depth discussion about SRT written by a New York Times best selling author. In the meantime, please contemplate several compelling theories proposed by several top scientists - with impeccable credentials and scientific credibility. They discuss SRT in the context of everything from quantum fields to zero point energy to subtle energies to bioenergy mechanics in our Science section.

For those of you who want to brave the depths of this leading edge science, you are welcome to peruse these papers. And you are heartily invited to discuss your theories and explanations with us.

You'll also find a bibliography of books and research by Drs. William Tiller, Elmer Green, T.M. Srinivasan and others. And Michael Murphy, founder of the Esalen Institute, has written several books on "in the zone" performance. These books, along with the scientific journals of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, detail the research upon which the QLink is based..

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What's The Proof The QLink Works?

As you would expect, most of the proof of the QLink's effectiveness is subjective. Over 100,000 people have purchased QLinks with a return rate of less than 4%.

Because each person is unique, the benefits are unique to that individual. Many people report that they are more focused and can concentrate over extended periods more easily. Others report that they have energy and stamina throughout the day, especially at the end of the day when they used to feel irritable and fatigued. Others report that they are more emotionally balanced and less reactive to chaotic situations. Some report they experience a richer, more sensuous appreciation of life. Some report that they have no jet lag after flying across many time zones. Others that they sleep better. Computer users are not getting as fried by their machines. They report reduced fatigue and less eye strain. Golfers report lower golf scores. Athletes report that they have discovered a new edge in their sport. Though gamblers have reported an enhanced "sixth sense" and intuition, they've asked us to keep this mum. Apparently they don't want to play against other gamblers wearing QLinks!

There are no absolutes with the QLink. You can notice benefits that might range from the unbelievably dramatic to the extremely subtle. The best proof is your own experience. That is why we strongly recommend that, if your adaptation to the tuning of the QLink is too subtle for words, you remove it for a week after wearing it a full month. Taking the QLink off for a week after wearing it for a period of time is sometimes the best way to notice how you've been personally benefiting. As they say, absence makes the heart grow stronger.

We invite computer users, cell phone users and frequent flyers to take extra note. As to EMF protection, several of the top alternative health doctors in the world have conducted independent mind/body research that prove the effectiveness of wearing the QLink. These tests, using very precise methods of Applied Kinesiology and acupuncture, reveal that stresses which occur from EMF exposures are dramatically reduced, in many instances by as much as 100%. [Studies by Drs. Blaich, Ross, Angleitner, Abriel etc.] This alone could justify a QLink for many of you.

For those of you who require large clinical studies, don't hold your breath. We've investigated the merits of doing studies on "coping better" and have discovered this path leads us into a mine-field where angels fear to tread. How do we prove you love life more, or the QLink gave you that life-changing hour without stress when you bonded with your son, or that wearing the QLink made the crucial difference in your meeting after flying cross country? We prefer your rich stories to a matrix of statistics. That's what we ultimately value. And we trust that you do, too.

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What If We All Won The Human Race?

If the QLink can help you live a richer life, a more purposeful and productive life, what is the value of that to you? We think it's one of the best values around, a priceless investment in yourself and in our future on the planet.

We believe the world would be a little more balanced, and a little bit healthier place to live if everyone wore QLinks. That's our goal. We believe people would create more effectively, and would be clearer about the purpose and effects of what they create if they wore the QLink.

We can't promise your life will be perfect if you wear the QLink. We can't promise that everybody with a basketball will play like Michael Jordan. We can't promise that if you'll go from being a successful sales person to being CEO in a year.

But if you wear your QLink everyday, we guarantee your overall ability to cope and play with modern life with be enhanced. That you'll have more magic moments. That if you're singing the blues, the QLink will help you change your tune. And we guarantee that you will have significantly less stress from EMF. Or your money back.

And by the way, if you resonate to our analysis of modern life and to our vision of how to improve it, please get in touch. We're always looking for more like-minded partners.

Thank you for your interest in the QLink. We encourage you wear it and to link to the best life that's in you. After all, we're all in this together.

Grace. At the speed of life.

Live well. Love Well. Be well.

View and print your own copy of Why Wear a QLink? in Adobe Acrobat format.

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